The NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii

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Every year since 1980 the NFL has held its annual all star game at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. This game is the pinnacle of the sport of NFL football, and every player wants to be a part of it. The game itself is quite the spectacle, and knowing that the game is to be played in Hawaii is reason enough for NFL players to want to come.

The NFL is made up of two conferences. The NFC and the AFC pit the players with the most votes against one another in this match up of the NFL’s best. The votes are given by fans, coaches and the media, and the players gladly join in with all of the festivities. These events are the highlight of the week for many of the participants because it allows them to get close to the stars of the game. Shaking hands with Brett Favre is a real possibility at the Pro Bowl Autograph sessions.

This game is a real event for native Hawaiians as well as it allows them to see the best that the NFL has to offer. Such stars as Walter Payton, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Randy Moss, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, and hundreds of others have played in front of the 50,000 fans that pack Aloha Stadium every year.

The game itself is actually the final part of a week of celebrations and events. The players often will set up and sign autographs as well as the ever popular NFL cheerleaders. There are also parties throughout the area for the Pro Bowl participants and their fans.


With the pristine beaches of Oahu only a stone’s throw away, the players of the NFL love to get voted to the Pro Bowl teams. The game is held about a week after the Super Bowl and is the final game of the NFL season.

The NFL Pro Bowl is very exciting for the fans as well. The best players are on the field and the game is usually a scoring fest. The teams regularly score lots of points, and the game is almost always close. This makes for an exciting NFL game, and the fans love it.

When you look at the past MVP’s of the Pro Bowl games, it reads like a who’s who of NFL football. Carson Palmer, Derrick Brooks, Peyton Manning, and Marc Bulger are the last four lucky winners of the MVP award. Not a bad group of guys to have on your football team, and certainly a lot of fun to watch.

The Pro Bowl will once again be held in Aloha Stadium in 2009, and it should be a great game. If you have never treated yourself to an NFL football game, this would be a wonderful way to see your first one. Come to Hawaii, enjoy some great football, and Hawaii to boot. The game is only half the fun!

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