Hawaii Vacation Rentals – A Cheap And Beautiful Vacation

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The cheapest way to travel is always to do as the locals do.

In Hawaii, a thriving business of vacation rentals offers visitors the option of renting not a hotel room, but an apartment. These are often 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom condos, rented out for most of the year while the owner lives on the mainland. They range from heart-of-the-city penthouses to quiet suburban flats, and from ocean-front to cul-de-sac. Higher-end units may come with a maid service and beach access.

The nightly rates can beat hotels even for very short stays, and offer far more space for a larger family or travel group.

For longer stays, renting an apartment or condo is the only way to live without breaking the budget. Specialized rental services will find you a condo on Waikiki for the summer, or a duplex in Maui for Spring Break. Truly budget-minded travelers can check independent listings in newspapers or on Craigslist, though caveat emptor applies.

Vacation rental apartments are often located outside of the downtown core or off the tourist trail, giving you a quieter and more laid-back vacation experience, and the feeling of “living” in the place.

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Pick up a local newspaper to find night spots and cultural events meant for the locals; you’ll find that they’re cheaper, more intimate, and often a better experience than the Hollywood-style tourist versions.

Aside from price, the privacy and self-catering opportunity that renting a condo offers may be more appealing than is the centralized convenience of a hotel resort. Having your own kitchen opens up a world of shopping in local markets and browsing through fresh local produce, at a far more reasonable price than you’d pay in restaurants. You might never see your neighbors, or you might be invited to a neighborhood barbecue around the pool.

Combine your condo with a rental car and you’ll be free to explore a beautiful island on your own terms and schedule, for a lower cost than organized tours. For larger families this may be the only economical option for sight-seeing. Especially for those with young children, you’ll appreciate being able to start and end your activity whenever you wish. Even single travelers can enjoy the luxury of watching a slow sunset in a tiny, forgotten cove far from the buzz of tourists.

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