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The many islands of Hawaii are known for many things, and the flowers and colors of the islands are certainly a large part of the beauty.  When one thinks of Hawaii, color and beauty are among the many things that one may think of.  The flowers of Hawaii are very diverse, and they color the island in a pallet of beauty. 


Any discussion of Hawaiian flowers begins and ends with the official state flower, the yellow hibiscus.  This flower, known to locals as pua aloalo, has been representative of the Hawaiian people as the state flower since the 20′s.  The hibiscus was originally a flower from the Pacific islands, and they can be found in a number of other colors as well.


The island of Oahu has its own official flower, as does all of the other islands of Hawaii.  The yellow ilima is the official flower on the island of Oahu.  This popular Hawaiian flower and is similar to the hibiscus.  The ilima has a history of being used for medicinal purposes, and is also used regularly to construct the colorful leis of the Hawaiians.


Maui uses the pink lokelani as its official flower.  This flower is also known as the cottage rose.  The lokelani is famous for being one of the more beautiful flowers of Hawaii, and it’s smell is famous as well for being so sweet.


The official flower of Kauai is actually a berry that is grown exclusively on Mount Wajalelae.  It is used as a bead in many Hawaiian decorations, and this green berry is prized as one of the more exquisite and useful items in Hawaii.


The Big Island sports the red ohia, which is a flower off of a tree as its official flower.  These blossoms can come in a variety of colors including orange, white, and even a vibrant yellow.  This flower, like the ilima, is often used to make leis for visitors and Hawaiians alike.

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The official flower of Lanai is the kaunaoa.  The kaunaoa has a vine that is used to construct the leis as well.  The flower is yellow and orange, and is quite beautiful as well.


Molokai has the white kukui for the official flower.  These flowers are the tiny white flowers that you see on most leis.  These cute flowers give the colorful flowers more vibrance by breaking up the color patterns, and providing depth.


The island of Nijhau has the pupu shell, which is unusual in that it is not an actual flower. 


Kahoolaw even has an official flower, in spite of it being uninhabited.  It is the hinahina.  This plant is a silver colored plant that also helps in lei making.


Each of these flowers are steeped  in Hawaiian tradition and hold a special place in the hearts of every native of the islands.  They are all used in everyday life and customs, and the recurring theme among them all is beauty.  These beautiful flowers are well worth taking the time to know and love when you visit the great state of Hawaii.

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