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Hawaii has a diverse population of people that spans the globe in representation. It has been said that their are no actual minorities in Hawaii, as most groups are equally distributed throughout the state. The largest groups of the population are the people with ties to southern Japan and Okinawa.

Other ethnic groups well represented on the islands of Hawaii include African Americans, Polynesians, immigrants from the mainland of America, and China. This is in addition to the pure Polynesian Hawaiians on the islands. This rich mixture has created a melting pot of culture on many of the islands, in addition to the Hawaiian culture found throughout.

The history of the Polynesian Hawaiians began as far back as 800 AD, and the first began to come in from islands in the south. From the Asian mainland, Southeastern Asians travelled through Tahiti on the way to the Hawaiian islands. Over time, they would go back and forth in canoes from Tahiti with seeds, animals, and other necessities to their existence. These trips helped to establish the Polynesian Hawaiian population.

Over time, the mixture of Polynesians and other inhabitants of the islands began to reduce the population of true bloods. This led to a severe drop in population that was further complicated by diseases in and around 1875. Over time, the population recovered a bit, but has never been overly large in Hawaii. The recent influx of true Hawaiians has led to a resurgence in Hawaiian customs and traditions.

Around one half of the population of Hawaii is of Oriental origins, and many were brought over as indentured laborers initially. The Chinese Americans hold a strong position in the Hawaiian economy, and they are strongholds of the old Hawaiian ways. This is due in large part to the socioeconomic success of the Chinese Americans.

Now, about one third of the population are Caucasians. Some of these haoles as they are called are early descendants of the settling missionaries early in the history of Hawaii, and others are immigrants from the American mainlands. The black population is largely made up of Samoans, as well as immigrants from the mainland.

At one time, racial divide was quite a problem in Hawaii. Today, interracial marriages are more common than same sex marriages, and money is the indicator of respect as opposed to skin color. Any race is welcomed, and people are judged in a much different way than before. The melting pot of Hawaii is a wonderful place indeed.

Hawaii is a place rich with tradition and culture. As such, the people of Hawaii embrace their heritage and encourage visitors and immigrants alike to embrace them as well. It is one of the top places in the world to visit and feel welcomed right away. Much of the island is largely uninhabited as far as people, but much of the natural beauty remains. Most people that visit Hawaii never want to leave. Much of that is due to Hawaii’s most valuable resource… it’s people.

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