Five Great Places to Visit in Honolulu and Surrounding Areas

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Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, is one of the most interesting places to visit. There are many different things that you can do in Honolulu on your vacation to this great city. Surrounding this great city are a number of attractions as well. Here are five great places to visit during your stay.

Visit the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum while you are in Honolulu. This is located in Kalihi, and it houses some of the most legendary Hawaiian and Pacific artifacts in the world. The statues, tools and other visions from the ancient history of Hawaii are on prominent display and are worth your time while visiting in Hawaii. As you observe the way Hawaii once lived, it is almost a spiritual experience. The history and feel of the island are very clearly felt as you observe these old artifacts.

Chinatown is another fantastic place to visit. The food alone in this thriving Mecca of downtown Honolulu is worth the visit. The incredible variety of foods and aromas in this little piece of Asian culture will have your stomach grumbling the minute you walk down the street. Chinese, Vietnamese, and other great cuisine are available for you to sample in Chinatown. You can also find Lei shops, noodle markets, fish stands, and keepsakes of any kind. Chinatown is thriving and one of the true melting pot cities in the world. The diversity of the cultures in Hawaii are on proud display in Chinatown.

Another wonderful place to visit is the Iolani Palace. This is the last official home of Hawaiian royalty. The impressive stairway and incredible chandeliers are breathtaking as you move through the historical halls and rooms of the palace. This is the last place that Royalty in Hawaii lived, and you can see the incredible riches as you tour the grounds. The crown jewels are a must see as well.

In Manoa Valley, you want to visit Lyon Arboretum. This is a wonderful place to observe the flora of the island, as well as various palms and spices that are indigenous to the island. This is one place that will leave you relaxed after visiting. This is situated at the base of Koolau mountain, and the walls rise up before your eyes. This is an incredible sight and one you will remember forever.

Finally, Waikiki Aquarium is a must see in Hawaii. This incredible aquarium will allow you to rub elbows with the sea life of the island up close and personal. From sharks to skates to seals, the Aquarium is a wonderful get away. This place lets you see the dangerous and the beautiful that exists below the surface of Hawaii’s pristine oceans.

While there are literally thousands of places in Hawaii to visit, these five places are all popular and with good reason. Each of them allows a visitor to truly experience the history and culture of Hawaii, both modern and ancient.

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