Hawaii Travel Tips For A Great Holiday

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Do: Jump in the water! Hawaii’s location in the path of the warm tradewinds gives the water a year round temperature of 74°F – the same as a gently cool bath. There are snorkeling opportunities galore, and hundreds of colorful tropical fish and sea plants to discover. It’s an excellent place to scuba dive, and to learn how to surf in the place where surfing was invented. (Don’t be put off by the occasional sensational shark-attack story; the odds are less than one in a million.)

Don’t: Overpack. Hawaii is a casual place, full of sand and nature hikes. Unless you’re planning to attend specific upscale events, limit yourself to one or two dressy items. Wear comfortable sandals, and expect that your clothes will come back filled with sand and bits of local flora. Anything you forget or run out of will be easily available for purchase locally.

Make sure to: Visit one of the many educational sites. The Hawaiian islands have enjoyed a rich history, from ancient Polynesian village life to European migration to today’s film industry, and there are specialized tours, museums, and cultural centers to showcase each aspect. Pearl Harbor is a moving memorial and worth a day of its own.

Remember: Wear sunscreen. Even on the occasional cloudy day, the sun reflecting off that clear blue water is significantly stronger than it is on the Mainland. SmartShield, Sawyer, and Off! make spray-on waterproof sunscreen that doubles as insect repellent.

Beware of:

Pickpockets and scams. As with any tourist-oriented place in the world, there will always be scavengers trying to take advantage of the unwary traveler. Keep your money and ID in a moneybelt under your clothes, your valuables locked in the hotel safe, and your common sense turned on.

Always: Be gracious to the local people. They are sharing their beautiful home with you, and they will have to live with whatever you leave behind.

With children: The beach is an endless source of playtime inspiration. If they’re going swimming, be sure to check the local tidal conditions. Ask for a report from your hotel, or search for your beach on one of the many “surf report” websites.

For romance:

Hawaiian sunsets – and sunrises – are like no other. There are wonderful vantage points to watch the view with your beloved, from the heights of Haleakala to the hidden coves of Na Pali Coast State Park. Pick up the book “The Best Places to Kiss in Hawaii” to find that perfect spot.

Retire to: One of the many cruises available between the islands. You can enjoy a 3 night cruise that stops at each island, and have all of your accommodations and excursions planned and handled by experts. Honolulu has excellent medical care available, as do most of the cruise ships, so you can vacation with peace of mind.

Most of all: Relax. You’re on vacation in one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. Take the time to simply rest and enjoy it.

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