About Oahu

Oahu is the capital island and for good reason. Virtually every type of activity is there for the taking for honeymooners, family vacationers, and visitors of every kind.  The waters are crystal clear, and you can also find beautiful waterfalls and valleys throughout the hills of Oahu.


Honolulu is the capital and is one of the most famous cities in Hawaii. This well known attraction brings in close to seven million travellers every year and with good reason. The beautiful white beaches, and extensive nightlife is a draw that not many can resist. Once you have visited Oahu, you simply must return.


Finding something to do on the island of Oahu could not be any easier.  The walking tours of the city will take you to any number of incredible sights.  These include the Aloha Tower, Iolani Palace, and also into the presence of the stately statue of King Kamehameha the Great.  There are so many places to visit that you will find yourself wishing you had more time.


Food is another Oahu draw as the spicy flair of the island mix with the unique flavors of nearby Chinatown.  Every form of food and drink on the island has a distinct Hawaiian flair. The quality of food is among the best in all of Hawaii, and the options are many.  Oahu is known for having a wonderful selection of various forms of fresh pineapple. Be sure to try them all and taste the distinct differences found in this delectable fruit.


The hiking on Oahu is also a popular thing to do.  The hike to the Diamond Head leads you to a wonderful swim with over one hundred different species of tropical fish in the bay of Hanauma.  These fish are incredible to view up close as the colors seem to reflect off of one another in a rainbow of Hawaiian colors.


The Volcanoes of Oahu are famous as well. These dormant giants make for an incredible tour, and are a must see on any trip to Oahu. One can also go kayaking, snorkeling, diving, hang gliding, and even play a round of golf on any number of incredible courses.


Sailing is another great activity in Oahu.  The coastline of Oahu is filled with incredible species of fish, coral, and visual treats.  Just climbing aboard a sailboat and taking it all in is one of the most pleasurable things around. 


Of course, one must visit Pearl Harbor while there, and learn about the incredible history of that tragic bombing.  There is no shortage of tours, information, and visual sites to see there.


Oahu is famous as well for pristine beaches.  Waikiki beach is certainly among the most popular beaches and is a must for any visitor.  Spend hours lazing around the white, sandy beach or climb into her crystal blue waters for a refreshing swim.  Kailua Bay offers a wonderful chance to kayak your way around with the local marine life.


Oahu is certainly a hot bed of Hawaiian culture and more than enough fun for the entire family.  Next time you travel to the beautiful state of Hawaii, be sure that Oahu is on the list of places to visit. You will be glad you did!